Here you can find a summary of questions that might come up during the recruiting process:

1. What should be included in a complete application?
Please include a cover letter, CV, all certificates & references.

2. How do I know the current status of my application?
We usually contact you within 2-3 weeks after your initial application explaining how we’ll proceed. Our recruiters are always available via mail for further questions concerning your current applications status.

3. How does the recruitment process at Stylight work?
We have a detailed explanation of our process here. We try to be as transparent about our process as possible.

4. Who do I address my application to?
Please address your application to the contact person stated in the job ad.

5. I cannot upload my application documents - what should I do?
In case you experience an error message concerning missing information, please re-upload your documents again. If it then still does not work, please do not hesitate to send it all straight to jobs@stylight.com.

6. Why is the vacancy which I applied for no longer listed on the jobs page?
We usually update our vacancies regularly once they are filled. If we have qualified applications for a vacancy, we might close the job ad even though the recruitment process is not yet fully completed.

7. There is no vacancy that fits my profile?
If you want to apply at Stylight even though there’s not currently a vacancy that fits your skills and experience, please send us your speculative application via mail stating your areas of expertise and interests.

8. Why should we choose you over others to work at Stylight?
Enthusiasm, Responsibility and Appreciation are our company's three core values, which we also use when recruiting new talent, so convince us with your passion - be yourself! FYI - leave your suit at home and come wearing what you feel comfortable in.

9. I am a student/recent graduate and would like to join Stylight? Which positions do you offer for junior candidates?
You have the chance to be part of our awesome Stylight Talent Program.

10. Do you still have a question and/or some feedback?
Please write a mail with any concerns, questions or feedback to jobs@stylight.com.